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14 Dec, 2023

Pirates Plunder Is Live

Pirates Plunder Is Live

"Pirates Plunder" is an exciting game show that takes inspiration from the swashbuckling world of pirates. Designed to provide a captivating gaming experience, “Pirates Plunder” combines elements of a traditional money wheel with four bonus segments.

Here's an overview of how the game works:

Presenter and Setting: The game is hosted by our charismatic presenters who take on the role of the a pirate, dressed in full pirate regalia. The studio is designed to recreate the lower deck of a pirate ship, complete with thematic props and decorations.

“Pirates Plunder” is a highly engaging player experience. Besides betting on wheel game numbers, the players can also have an interactive four bonus rounds: chests, map, plank, and mystery boxes that will multiply their bet. For the first time in a game show, players will experience an 'Eliminator round'. Whenever the wheel spin stops at the plank, the players will have a chance to play a survival game, the outcome of which is based on their decisions, the further a player progresses, the bigger the prize.

We are confident that with our Pirate Plunder game show your players will return again and again.

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