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22 Jan, 2024

Interview With Imagine Live's CPO

Interview With Imagine Live's CPO

In an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News, Mikayel Aznauryan, chief product officer at Imagine Live, offers insights into the company’s journey throughout 2023.

From key features to customer’s demands, Aznauryan provides an overview of Imagine Live’s achievements from the past 12 months and the challenges it will face in 2024.

2023 was the launching year for Imagine Live, what assessments do you make of this first year?

We attended ICE London at the start of the year and several other exhibitions in between. So, the Imagine Live team earned a lot of air miles.

Overall, it is important to meet industry stakeholders, forge relationships with existing and new partners, and introduce them to the Imagine Live solution.

What was the highest point of the year for the company? And which were the biggest struggles?

There are many high points, for example, the company just secured for its games Blackjack, Classic Roulette (Gold and Classic), Auto Roulette (Auto and Speed Auto), Baccarat (Gold and Speed), and Dynamite Roulette, MGA approval.

We introduced our American Roulette game, all in the opulent style of the 1920s. This harkens back to the opulent charm of Gatsby’s era, where every spin is a story.

During the gameplay, our game presenter ladies are dressed in glamorous 1920s attire and can walk around the studio during the spins, thus providing an engaging experience.

What are the key features that you think make Image Live the best premium live dealer online casino games?

Imagine Live believes in being authentic and relevant to today’s online players. We strive to excel in every touchpoint the player has with our games and studio.

Our focus is to put the player at the center of that casino and lifestyle experience. This is achieved by high production values and attention to detail, and we continue to improve our delivery and service proposition to our partners’ players.

“Our focus is to put the player at the center of that casino and lifestyle experience.”

Mikayel Aznauryan, chief product officer at Imagine Live.

What do you think are the customers’ demands at the time in terms of features, and how do you manage to keep up with those demands?

The key is ‘know your customer’. Market research isn’t a nice have, it is a must-have. Our team has vast experience in land-based and online casinos. We bring this to our games and studio delivery and always listen and encourage feedback from the end player and our partners.

The main drivers of player behavior are looking for something different in the live game proposition but also having engaging hosts that can digitally replicate that land-based interaction between player and dealer.

As a team, we never rest and never tire, there is something small and big that can always be improved –that’s what drives Imagine Live to provide a quality live casino experience.

You have recently introduced a state-of-the-art Live Casino Studio. What was the public response to that launch?

The launch of our state-of-the-art Live Casino Studio was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from the public. Themed studio-enhanced features captivated our partner’s audience. Their players appreciated the cutting-edge environment that elevated their gaming encounters, while our partners were pleased with the increased engagement and retention rates among their players.

One of your signature products is the Robot Arm you introduced at ICE London. Can you share its further advantages for operators and players?

Our signature Robot Arm, showcased at ICE London, offers numerous advantages for operators and players. Its precision and speed significantly enhance the overall gaming experience for players, providing smoother gameplay and live experience. Players feel as if they are right there at the gaming table.

What are the challenges of the iGaming industry regarding the law and regulations of the markets on which you want to work?

Regulation is very important in the iGaming ecosystem. Imagine Live is actively in discussions to attain certifications, and we recently attained MGA approvals.

We have several announcements on that coming show as we expand our geographical footprint.

What can you tell us about Imagine Live plans for 2024?

We are opening some more studios in early 2024 and thus shall double our table capacity, which is very exciting as our business inquiry pipeline increases.

We will showcase more of our games and product features at ICE London, so watch out for more developments coming soon.

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