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01 Feb, 2024

Interview with Mikayel Aznavuryan

Interview with Mikayel Aznavuryan

What is the DNA of an Imagine Live title?

We strive for perfection in every meticulous detail, infused with innovation. From the studio to the final product, we're committed to ensuring excellence and constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in every aspect.

How does Imagine Live ensure each and every game in the portfolio serves a unique purpose?

We have a highly talented team that has experience in land-based and online casinos. This allows us to be player-centric in our thinking and, therefore, product development and experience outcomes.

Our focus is to ensure that our partners and their casino players have the optimal live casino experience. We achieve this by understanding the player's needs holistically and simultaneously at the game level. As our team is also a player, we always think about how that player feels and reacts to our games, and if it doesn’t feel right, we improve on it.

We are constantly striving to improve, and that also requires listening to players and taking as many opportunities as possible to understand their needs and deliver an encompassing product experience.

Imagine Live’s latest online casino game, American Roulette, transports players to the opulent world of the 1920s. How does the game pay homage to the elegance and allure of the Roaring Twenties?

American Roulette is one of our marquee products. We created strong visual identities from the 1920s to ensure a high level of visual recognition and familiarity for our players’ so they could imagine being transported back in time. Our hostesses have meticulous wardrobe details, again to add a further layer of authenticity to the look, feel, and ambiance of the game.

Creating a strong emotional connection through very detailed graphics, imagery, music, and atmosphere further helps the allure and, indeed, sense of escapism and a deeper level of engagement for the player.

How does Imagine Live design studios to fit the expectations of players before they come to the table? For instance, what was the research and design process for creating a game studio befitting American Roulette?

As I mentioned previously, our whole ethos is to put the player first. Therefore, being authentic must be part of that R & D process. Our team conducted research into the 1920s culture, fashion, and desires, and this attention to detail is replicated in creating not only a lens into the past but a modern take on a 1920s roulette experience.

How does Imagine Live train dealers to act differently from game to game? How do Imagine Live’s dealers communicate and perform in American Roulette compared to an Indiana Jones-style Dynamite Roulette title?

Each game is defined by its unique theme, environment, and mood. When conceptualizing a game, these elements influence the visual appearance of the dealers. The training of dealers is crafted with a predefined logic to maintain a seamless connection between the game and their appearance. Furthermore, dealers undergo specialized training in actor behavior to enhance the entertainment value in the studio.

How are different game versions and themes reflected through UI?

This is a crucial aspect of the intricate game development process. Often, we concurrently construct the game and the studio design to seamlessly align the physical and digital environments.

Imagine Live has a number of Roulette variants in its portfolio, including Auto, Classic, Speed, Gold, Speed Auto, American, and Dynamite. How significant a consideration is the increasingly short attention span of players in conceptualizing new titles, as well as the need to visually engage players quickly?

We are seeing player trends that suggest that the available attention span is decreasing. Why is it decreasing? Simply, we are seeing players engage with brands that offer a simpler, more streamlined experience and game session, whereby the player's available spare time is perhaps at a premium.

This is common across all digital services, not just Live Casino, players have busy lives, and they want to maximize their spare time as effectively and with a provider that offers that convenience and streamlined choice to them over alternatives in the market.

What are the company’s plans going forward with regard to iterating upon Roulette, as well as other traditional game types such as Baccarat and Blackjack?

The focus is on preserving the classic logic while introducing enhancements that elevate the gaming experience. This includes exploring new UI possibilities and improvements and introducing features like side bets. Additionally, there's a plan to launch variations of classic games tailored for the newer generation of players.

What do multiple camera angles change about the player experience? Do different perspectives facilitate greater engagement compared to a static, head-on camera?

Certainly, attracting more views adds entertainment value and enhances player engagement with the real-world aspect. Maintaining a delicate balance is crucial to avoid overdoing it and ensure a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

How does Imagine Live gauge and respond to player feedback? Can you name any examples where requests have enacted gameplay changes or tweaks?

Absolutely, prioritizing our players is key, and we continually listen to their real feedback while leveraging the data we collect. From minor UI adjustments to significant feature enhancements, we tailor the gaming experience based on player behavior and comments, ensuring a product that resonates with their preferences.

Game shows continue to be all the rage. Does Imagine Live have plans to create a game show title anytime soon? If the company were to enter this space, how would the approach be different from what’s already out there?

Launching several games in 2024 from Armenia and our new studio in Romania is exciting. The focus is introducing novel elements while preserving players' favorites and maintaining a captivating show format. "Roulette Rouge" is one such game featuring various bonuses. The expansive game universe allows limitless creativity and innovation, promising rich and engaging experience.

What are Imagine Live’s plans for ICE 2024, and targets for the rest of the year?

We are looking forward to the coming year. We have recently acquired an MGA license for our Blackjack, Classic Roulette (Gold and Classic), Auto Roulette (Auto and Speed Auto), Baccarat (Gold and Speed) and Dynamite Roulette and are actively engaged in further market certifications to meet with our expanding growth pipeline.

On the studio front, we continue to invest in our studios to increase the number of available tables and experiences such as American Roulette, and that program shall continue throughout 2024 and beyond.

For Ice London, we look forward to showcasing our portfolio and unveiling some new features, so watch this space and visit us at the show.

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