New Game Show – Robin The Fair
06 Feb, 2024

Imagine Live Launches New Game Show

Imagine Live Launches New Game Show

This simple yet adventurous show is set to captivate players with its unique and exciting concept inspired by the legendary Robin Hood.

"Robin The Fair" takes contestants on an adventurous journey where the players should make a choice. Players participate in a card-based game where they are presented with seven rows; with two cards in each row. The game's main objective is for players to guess a higher card from each row.

Imagine Live announced during ICE London 2024 that the best part about this game show is the unique game logic that engages the players to move forward through the game, reach higher rows, and get the most out of this adventurous game.

Key Features of "Robin The Fair''

The Robin Hood Concept:

The game operates from a themed studio. Set decorations and thematic elements create a visually captivating environment that evokes the charm and magic of Robin Hood's legend.

Up to x5000 Multipliers

A distinctive feature of the game is the Bonus Multiplier, which amplifies the win amount substantially. This adds an element of excitement as players aim for higher rewards.

Comfortable and Intuitive Interface

The game's interface is designed to be easy for both partners and players. The interface allows them to navigate effortlessly through the game.

Imagine Live is confident that "Robin The Fair" will become a players' favorite, offering a fresh and engaging perspective on the game show genre.

About Imagine Live

Imagine Live is a live dealer casino provider in the iGaming industry committed to pushing the boundaries of entertainment and delivering an innovative approach to classic casino games.

To learn more about game show’s features and watch the demo follow the link:

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