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09 Jan, 2024

Imagine Live Unveils Exciting New Asian-Themed Live Casino Studio

Imagine Live Unveils Exciting New Asian-Themed Live Casino Studio

Imagine Live is delighted to announce the unveiling of its newest -beautiful Asian-themed Live Casino Studio. This new studio is a real chance to transport your players across the globe.

The Asian-themed Live Casino Studio is a testament to Imagine Live's commitment to offering players an exceptional and diverse gaming options with well-known games in Asia. With this latest development, partners can captivate their players in a genuine Asian gaming atmosphere with stunning visuals, expertly designed decors, and a team of highly trained dealers who will bring professionalism and validity to each game.

Key Features of the Asian-Themed Studio:

New Game Additions:

The studio will host various popular Asian-themed live dealer casino games, including Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo 102, and Speed Baccarat. These games will be accessible to players 24/7,providinganon-stop entertainment.

Speed Baccarat: 

Speed Baccarat is a live dealer casino world classic for fast-paced game lovers, created in a new catchy atmosphere.

Sic Bo 102: 

Sic Bo 102 offers an array of thrilling betting options for players. Whether they are risk-takers or prefer a more conservative approach, there's a bet for everyone, simply because the game with our innovative version has the full102 betting positions.

Dragon Tiger:

Often referred to as the "two-card version" of baccarat, the Dragon Tiger game is known for its simplicity. With each round taking just a few moments, Dragon Tiger is perfect for those seeking fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action.

Exciting Experience:

The studio's design draws inspiration from various Asian cultures, creating a visually stunning environment that transports players to the heart of Asia. The ambiance, lighting, and audio have all been meticulously crafted to provide a captivating experience.

Modern Technology:

The studio is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay and clear streaming, even for players with lower bandwidth.

Imagine Live has consistently committed to innovation, partners, and player satisfaction. The Asian-themed Studio is another step in this direction, offering a world-class gaming experience while promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity within the gaming community.

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